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Hythe Bay

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Hythe Pale Ale // 4.2% // 440ml


Hythe Bay, formally Hythe Pale, is a backyard hopped pale ale brewed with whole cone Primadonna hops from Hythe Hops collaborative community farm. That is then backed up with Kentish Ernest and Bullion at flameout and Bullion, Ernest, UK Cascade and Mosaic T-90  in the dry hop making this beer a study in the ongoing conversation between the hop growing history of our county and modern hop varieties and farming practices from the new worlds.

Allergens: Barley, Oats, Wheat, Yeast, Gluten

About Hythe Hops

Hythe Hops are a community organisation of back-garden hop growers.  Some members managed to grow kilos and some managed grams (and some, like mine, didn't product any due to the harsh winds this year!).  But it's safe to say that everyone had fun joining in!  To find out how you can get involved search for Hythe Hops on Google or Facebook