Docker began in 2006 in a small shipping container on in East Yard at Folkestone Harbour. Founders Wesley Burden and Peter Nelson brought together their shared love for two fermentation processes, craft brewing and sourdough baking, to produce high quality classic products with a modern edge. Starting with what resources were available Docker has grown into a thriving retailer, wholesaler and community providing exceptional bread and beer across East Kent.

At Docker Brew Co we strive to produce the finest craft ales, beers and naturally fermented sodas. Our beers use the highest quality UK malts, interesting contemporary yeast variants and juicy, vibrant and dank hops from UK and New World locations. Our beer draws on the brewing history of this country, bringing classic styles into the modern age to be reimagined and reinvigorated. We approach our work as continually in progress as we seek to tweak recipes and processes in order to find new ways of producing the best beers we can. Our primary in house style is a fruit-forward and dank hop profile on a light pale malt base with a soft mouthfeel and juicy yeasts to help bring out the best of the fermentation process. We believe good beer should be full of flavour with all the vibrancy that modern brewing processes and ingredients can offer.

As well as our beers we produce a range of seasonal natural ferments, such as ginger beer, sparkling elderflower and cherryade. We source the finest fresh and local ingredients  for our recipes and keep the contents honest and simple with no additional flavourings or colourings. By cultivating the yeasts which live naturally on the fresh ingredients we set off a wild fermentation process which produces a very mildly alcoholic beverage which is full of naturally occurring flavour. 

We also aim to to work in as sustainable a way as possible paying attention to the impacts that the brewing process has upon the environment. We make use of reusable kegs and fully recyclable aluminium cans with compostable PLA wrapping wherever possible to ensure that we help preserve the ecological conditions which give us the exceptional ingredients that we like to use in our beers and ferments.