Building a bigger brewery

Our new steam brewery is now live and brewing beer in Cheriton!

When we started brewing beer in shipping containers at Folkestone harbour in 2016 we knew that our tiny 200 litre brew kit was now going to cut it for long.  But in order to develop recipes and a local following this is the way we needed to start.  The brewery grew up alongside our ever popular sourdough bakery and by the 2018 world cup we were unable to keep up with demand and realised it was time to upscale.

There were hiccups along the way but we have finally moved and upscaled the brewery to a much bigger premises and a steam brewhouse. We had our first brew this month and the beer that we created has exceeded all our expectations.

Alongside the demonic steam boiler that runs at 150 degrees and 80PSI we have two 1600 litre shiny fermenters.